Back from Baltimore, on to New York Comic Con in October!

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I had a blast at the Baltimore show last weekend. I saw a lot of fans and signed a lot of stuff. Special thanks to Marc Nathan and his crew of industrious elves for all their hard work. A special shout out to Frank Cho who hosted a dinner Sunday night at his house for about a dozen of us, we were well stuffed by the time the evening wrapped up.

At the show, two artist fans gave me a couple of drawings they had done themselves, just out of the blue, something that always leaves me flabbergasted at the time I get them as I know how much work it is to do art.

I have gotten these types of gifts sometimes before and never remember to properly thank the nice artists who give me such nice things, so I thought I would post them here and say thanks. Either one can send me an email so I can thank them if they see this post. I’ve posted the drawings above, one is from artist Doctor Fantastic and the second was signed by Krol, but his full name escapes me at the moment.

The next show I will be attending is the New York Comic Con from October 11-14 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. You can learn all about the con at I will be talking more about the show as we get closer to the show date.

Upcoming Conventions, New Hardcover Artbook, and New Projects!

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It’s a busy fall for me. I’m completing work on Marvel’s Avengers #31, #32, and #34, which are Brian Bendis’ last issues after his decade long run as writer on the book. These issues should be out in October and November.

In addition to that, I will be attending the Baltimore ComicCon the weekend of September 8-9, and then I will be going to the the New York Comic Con for the first time October 11-14.

Debuting at the shows will be my new official Marvel hardcover artbook, “Marvel Remastered”. This book takes the best of my color work over my years at Marvel and enhances all of it with touchups, outright redos and an explanation of my creative process.

I will be selling the book for $25 at my booth at both shows. I will also be offering a special bundle of “Marvel Remastered” along with “Venus Overdrive”, a previous hardcover collection of my work I did a few years ago, for a bundle price of $40 while the very limited supplies last.

I will also have whatever sketchbooks and prints I still have from previous years with me, and maybe a surprise or two, so come by and say “Hi”!

No Heroes Convention for me

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Sorry folks, there was a screw-up (not on my end) and I won’t be attending the Heroes Convention next weekend in Charlotte, NC. I hope everyone has a great time at show!

Newsarama Interview

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Today there is a article about my return to interior work for Marvel. You can see that article at I have a bunch of new projects coming up this year, and I will be able to talk more about them in the coming days and weeks. Here is a little taste of something I will be announcing soon.

Back to California for the Long Beach Comic Con

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I will be attending the Long Beach Comic Con on October 29 and 30 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Lots of great guests will be there and if you missed me in July at San Diego, you have another chance to see my smiling mug. The show’s website has all the information so check it out-

I will be signing and such both days, and also saying “Hi” to old friends in California I haven’t seen much in the dozen years I’ve been in Florida. I will be staying a few days after the show and then heading up to the San Francisco area for a bit so hopefully I will have a chance to meet up with all my fellow miscreants while I am on the West Coast.

Death from Aviles

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No it’s not some sort of European plague, it’s the last bit of art finally in from Aviles. This was another of those special commissions for a fan who had waited forever to get it. It was Death and John Constantine, done at the show over the course of a sleepless night.

A Red Sonja from Aviles

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A finished commission from Aviles. I took some real care on this one for a nice fan who waited a year to get something from me. Yosu, I hope you are happy!

A Phoenix from Aviles

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A Phoenix from Aviles. The show is going great, it’s more vacation than convention, and everyone is about the nicest they could be. Fellow professionals, you need to get to this festival. They would love to have you.

A Wolverine from Aviles

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I am a guest at the comic festival in Aviles Spain this week. It is probably the most picturesque place on Earth and I am having a great time, I got a little portable roller scanner to capture some artwork that I am doing at the show and this is the first one I got. I imagine there will be more to come over the next few days.

I am at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend

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I will be attending both days of the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, bringing along plenty of goodies to sell. Along with my yearly goodies, I have done a print set for this year, combining the 3 prints I have almost sold out of this year plus an exclusive print available only in the set. The price will be $40, which is a good deal considering I usually charge $20 for each individual 11×17 print, and you are getting four in a nice white kraft paper envelope with the color art you see above printed on the front.

I will also be selling the single prints I have left as well, along with previous artbooks I have left on hand. Because I missed the show last year, I have plenty of copies of last year’s book saved for this show as well.

Baltimore is one of my favorite cons, and it’s one of the few truly comic book oriented shows left. You can find more info about the show at I look forward to seeing you all there.