Death from Aviles

Art News

No it’s not some sort of European plague, it’s the last bit of art finally in from Aviles. This was another of those special commissions for a fan who had waited forever to get it. It was Death and John Constantine, done at the show over the course of a sleepless night.

A Red Sonja from Aviles

Art News

A finished commission from Aviles. I took some real care on this one for a nice fan who waited a year to get something from me. Yosu, I hope you are happy!

A Phoenix from Aviles

Art News

A Phoenix from Aviles. The show is going great, it’s more vacation than convention, and everyone is about the nicest they could be. Fellow professionals, you need to get to this festival. They would love to have you.

A Wolverine from Aviles

Art News

I am a guest at the comic festival in Aviles Spain this week. It is probably the most picturesque place on Earth and I am having a great time, I got a little portable roller scanner to capture some artwork that I am doing at the show and this is the first one I got. I imagine there will be more to come over the next few days.

I am at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend

Art News

I will be attending both days of the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, bringing along plenty of goodies to sell. Along with my yearly goodies, I have done a print set for this year, combining the 3 prints I have almost sold out of this year plus an exclusive print available only in the set. The price will be $40, which is a good deal considering I usually charge $20 for each individual 11×17 print, and you are getting four in a nice white kraft paper envelope with the color art you see above printed on the front.

I will also be selling the single prints I have left as well, along with previous artbooks I have left on hand. Because I missed the show last year, I have plenty of copies of last year’s book saved for this show as well.

Baltimore is one of my favorite cons, and it’s one of the few truly comic book oriented shows left. You can find more info about the show at I look forward to seeing you all there.

Preview Panel 08/09/2011

Art News

Another panel, BANG! Ka-Pow!

Preview Panel 08/05/2011

Art News

A preview panel for an upcoming issue I’m drawing. I’ll try to post a new one of these every day, as long as it doesn’t give too much story away.

New Artbook and Prints for Sale

Art News

My new artbook, “Illuminations 2011″, has been completed and is selling great. I sold out of what I had at San Diego a few weeks ago, and I plan to bring plenty of copies with me to both Baltimore and Aviles, Spain over the next few months to those conventions. I will also probably have copies for MegaCon and Heroes Con next year. If you can’t make it to any show I am at, you can pick the books up from both Stuart Ng Books ( and Bud Plant Books ( for mail order at good prices.

This year I am also selling some prints of various pinup ladies. You can get them individually or in a limited edition print set, with an exclusive print only available in the set. I will have these at both Baltimore and the Aviles, Spain show. I do not plan to sell the prints or the print set in any way other than in person.

I’m Back!

Site News

Hi everyone,

I have finally updated my website after over a year of neglect. It was a long process, but I seem to have all the cobwebs cleared out and things are running smoothly. I have had a great convention season so far and have been meeting lots of fans who are wondering what I have coming up. I do have some things to announce, but the are still a very long way off. Right now I am working on something for the X-Men books and getting back into the swing of interior work after a long rest away from it.

I also have updated my convention and contact info, so it’s all current, and be sure to see me at the upcoming Baltimore and Aviles Spain shows in August and September respectively. I may have a French appearance to announce in September as well very soon.

It’s good to be back. Now back to work!

I am Finally Updating my Site

Site News

Yes, the impossible has happened, I am updating my site tonight. No sleep until this puppy is current! I’ve thrown out all the old posts as A) they were not at all current anymore and B) most of them had nothing to do with me or my work. I will be tinkering for a few hours until things are back to ship shape.