For original published art, my art agent is Steve over at Big Wow Art, who has his website at He is the first to get my new stuff and he represents lots of great artists, like my buddy Frank Cho. Check out all he has to offer.

For original commissions or to have me create a personal piece of art for you, here is some information.

First, I don’t have a lot of time for commissions. I usually am pretty busy with assignments, but I try to do a batch of commissions at least once a year. I won’t ever be able to do a commission for everyone who asks, so I apologize to anyone who wants something from me and I am unable to supply it. I wish I was faster and had more time to do other things, trust me, I really do.

Second, I don’t usually do commissions at shows. Please feel free to ask me if I’m doing sketches at a show, but be prepared for me to say I am not doing them. At shows, I’m there to talk to fans, sign books and sell sketchbooks, prints and other goodies. This means I rarely can take more than a couple of minutes at a time to do a little drawing and I rarely complete a single commission piece at a show if it’s busy. I also prefer to spend my evenings at shows eating a nice dinner and talking with other professionals I work with who I only see a couple of times a year, so I rarely have time in the evenings to do any work.

Third, when I do commissions I do it the following way: I will make an announcement on my Brandobot mailing list, which you can sign up for at You can click the graphic to the right or click the same graphic in the sidebar to get there to sign up, or you can remove your name from the mailing list there if you so chose. When I am available to take commissions, I make an announcement on the mailing list with the details on what I am prepared to do, what I am charging and how many commissions I can do all announced at that time. I will supply a link to my website where you can enter in your information for a commission and then I do the commissions on a first come, first served basis. I do not take any money until the commission is done and approved. The commissions will be done in a fairly timely manner, no more than a few months, and when they are done I will send a scan for approval to the person requesting the commission. If they want tweaks, I will do them until they are satisfied, but if the commissioner just doesn’t want the piece, they can refuse it. Upon approval, I will be paid and the piece will either be delivered by me in person at a show or sent to the commissioner. If the commissioner doesn’t approve of the piece, they owe nothing to me but I probably won’t be able to do a replacement. Also, I have never had an unsold commission. I have had a couple of commissions refused for various reasons, but they always sell quickly to others at shows or via private requests, usually at more than what I was charging for the original commissioner.

I do the small batches of commissions on a first come, first served for the reason that when I have taken a long list of names and not gotten to people in a long time, I often find they no longer want a piece, no longer want the piece they specified or no longer can pay for the piece. My way keeps everything current and easy to deal with, putting all the obligation on me. I am not holding anyone to an old obligation or forcing them to pay beforehand for something they might not see for months or years, or something they no longer want or somethign they do not like as is the case with some artists who do commissions.

My lists fill up very quickly, sometimes startling so. I’ve had all of my commission slots fill up in less than an hour, and I’ve had several hundred requests for 20 slots when I’ve checked the next morning after I have made an evening announcement. My advice is that If you want a commission from me, be quick to decide.

Also, don’t be surprised if your commission gets turned into a cover. This has happened several times as a publisher will see the commission and ask me to use it as a cover. These commissions are of professional printable quality, as you can see in my galleries located in the sidebar.

If you have any questions feel free to check out my other sites at and They may be able to answer some of the questions, or you can email me directly by using the contact page on this website located in the sidebar.