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Wonder Woman (and a little extra Batman)

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I’ve seen the movie twice already and love it. Wonder Woman’s always been one of my favorite DC Comics characters as I loved mythology as a kid and really relished George Perez’s run on the book. He really added a lot to her story in terms of origins and personality while putting her in a unique roll in the greater DC universe.

As the summer convention season is in full swing, I decided to celebrate my now working with DC by doing a series of prints of their iconic characters, and the first two are ready with Wonder Woman and Batman! If you’d like to own these pieces as high quality 18″ x 24″ lithographs, come see me at a convention I’m attending, like the Heroes or Denver Comic-Cons I’ll be attending later this month.

Texas Tour! Dallas Comic Show April 23-24 and South Texas Comic Con April 29-May 1: Pre-Show Commission Lists are Open!

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It’s 2016, and my first couple conventions of the year are going to be in my new home state of Texas!

I’ll be attending the first Dallas Comic Show this weekend from April 23-24. You can find all sorts of information at or

The following weekend I’ll be at the South Texas Comic Con in McAllen, TX from April 29 through May 1. You can find information at or

At both these shows I will be doing a handful of commissions, but if you’d like to make sure you will definitely get a piece from me the best way is to reserve a commission that I will do before the show. This is the only way to guarantee I’ll be able to do a piece for you. This reserve system is only for those attending either of the Texas shows in the next few weeks.

The price is $200 for a watercolor bust (head and upper torso) of the character of your choice done on 9×12 Arches Archival Watercolor paper with Schmincke Horadam Watercolors. I can also do the painting on a recent blank Marvel or DC cover variant for an additional $10. I can find most blank variants at the local comics store, just specify what you’re interested and I’ll see if I can get it. I will do any character, I’ve done movie and TV characters and characters out of literature and history, not just comic book characters.

I will be accepting payment via paypal with pickup available all days of the shows. So if you are interested please email brandonpetersonsketches (at) as soon as possible!

I’ve included a big list post below of some recent pieces to give you an idea of the quality of these commissions. You can also see more posts and more commissions at my website at